Don’t Yuck Someone Else’s Yum

“Don’t yuck someone else’s yum.”

What on earth does that even mean? This was once said by one of my favorite professors during class. He spoke these words and the class collectively laughed at it. The kind of laugh that behind it sits the thought, “what is he talking about? He’s crazy.” But however crazy it may seem there’s a lot of truth behind these words.

To me it means don’t discount someone’s likes or dislikes just because they’re different from your own. Don’t judge someone’s beliefs or thoughts simply because they aren’t what you believe or think. It’s an extremely applicable saying. Especially with our generation. We are a generation of opinions, a generation that speaks our mind, which is so incredibly fantastic. It elates me that we feel comfortable enough to share our thoughts with the rest of the world.

However, I’ve come across a large number of people who severely yuck someone else’s yum because it’s not what they agree with. You’ve probably seen it too. You see them on Facebook; people post links to articles on websites like Buzzfeed or a blog and if you scroll down to the comments section people state their opinions. Then there’s always a small number of people who tear Sally Sue’s comment apart and berate her simply for disagreeing with the article. We’re allowed to have different opinions people.

Obviously this is a generalized statement. I do not believe every single millennial is ignorant and yucking a whole lot of yums. I really don’t; most of our generation is pretty tolerant and follows this well. It’s the small group of those that do that draw the most attention and it really needs to stop.

So there you have it; my rant on what it means to yuck someone else’s yum and why it’s not cool. Thanks for reading.


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