Twenty-Fourteen: New Year, New You?

New Year’s resolutions are a hot topic with 2014 just around the corner. What can I do better? How can I improve myself? People like the idea of a New Year’s resolution because the new year can be a time to start over. Make amends with your former self and be a new you. If becoming a “new you”  is so appealing, why do most not stick with them? Is change really that hard?

Accepting change is just as hard for me as it is for everybody else. (Hint: I’m terrible at accepting change.) I like having the comfort of the known. I’m content being able to predict what might happen next. This may be why it’s so hard for most to stick with resolutions past the end of January. Because we are content.

Being predictable is safe and comfortable but it can also be kind of boring. I don’t want to be content.

Content or not, I have a year full of big changes. I am graduating from college and going out into the real world to get a job and be a contributing member of society. But before I think about the big changes, I would like to think about the gradual changes I want to make. The improvements, the betterments, the goals I would like to try to accomplish this coming year. Without further ado, my New Year’s resolutions, or goals, for 2014.

  • Go to bed and, ultimately, to sleep earlier.
  • Listen more, talk less.
  • Be less judgmental.
  • Focus more effort on cultivating the relationships I have rather than wasting energy on those that are not repairable.
  • Read more.
  • Try to be more spontaneous.

Ernest Hemingway quote

Tell me, what are your New Year’s resolutions, goals or desires?


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