Are Selfies More Important Than Economic Reform?

I’m just going to say it.

I don’t read TSM or TFM articles because I think they’re stupid. Yes, I know they’re supposed to be satirical, but I disagree with the website as a whole because it makes those involved in Greek life look ignorant. It also perpetuates every stereotype there ever was about Greeks to some degree. But that’s a soap box for another day. The point of this is, I read an article written by @BlingleWhiteFemale – whatever that means – and she has a valid point.

I agree with her.

The article, Why Our Generation Needs an Ass-Kicking Pronto, brings up many points that are hard to argue against. Generation Y, or Millennials, contrary to our own popular belief, is not the greatest generation there ever was. Sure we care about socially responsible companies and we’re big supporters on doing what makes you happy. And while the pursuit of happiness isn’t necessarily a bad thing, while we’re in said pursuit, we’re ignoring a lot of important things along the way.

Like becoming politically informed. Or interest in saving the environment. And animals on the verge of extinction.

We’re more concerned about #SelfieSunday, our phones, computers, the Kardashian family, how many Twitter followers we have, when Juan Pablo will finally just admit he likes making out with Clare the best or when is ‘too soon’ to text someone you just met back. In no particular order.

I’ll admit I’m not perfect. If I told you I was sitting at my kitchen table every Sunday morning devouring the political section of the newspaper I would be lying. Do I care too much about the fact that Clare is hogging all of Juan Pablo’s precious group-date time? Yes, yes I do.

But I also care about our future. We spend so much of our energy caring about these silly little things. Will the outcome of the Bachelor affect global warming or the price of oil or whether or not there will be lasting peace in Syria? No, probably not. Is every #tbt photo I post going to remind Millennials the importance of the Affordable Care Act? No, those photos are there to remind you that I am – thankfully – out of my awkward stage in life and am now a decent-looking human being.

Blah, blah, blah, what’s my point you ask? Well if we can take some of our energy spent on trivial, meaningless activities and channel it into more important things, then maybe we can change the way older generations perceive us. Even if it’s one person at a time.

Entitled. Lazy. Selfish. Ignorant. Ambivalent. Dumb. Narcissistic. Lost.

These are words some associate with the great Generation Y. I don’t want to be thought of as selfish, entitled or lazy. I am none of those things. We should all be working to break the mold of what older generations are saying about us. We’re caring, we’re resourceful, we’re inventive, we’re smart, we’re creative and we should show it!

Maybe instead of showing our creativity through a new filter on our #ManCrushMonday post, we can show we’re creative by coming up with a new way to be green. Instead of scrolling through hours of articles on Buzzfeed, the Chive or the Onion, we can read up on the latest economic reforms or how to ensure financial security.

So @BlingleWhiteFemale: I don’t know what the hell your Twitter name means, but you wrote a sincerely awesome article. Generation Y needs to be kicked in the ass, and preferably sometime soon.


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