Fifty Shades of Furious

Ok, so maybe furious isn’t the right word. Peeved. Annoyed. Irritated. All these words suffice with how I feel but I guess they don’t roll off the tongue as nicely as ‘furious.’ Anyway, I just want to throw my opinion out there about all this Fifty Shades of Grey business.

Also, I would like to add before I speak my peace, I’m not speaking about anyone in particular. I’m generalizing based on what I’m seeing – a lot of – on my personal Facebook timeline and Twitter feed.

DON’T CLICK THIS IF YOU DON’T WANT TO WATCH THE TRAILER >>> Fifty Shades of Grey. Some may argue this trilogy is not literature. And although it certainly does not have the literary quality of Pride and Prejudice or Wuthering Heights or the emotion of the Fault in Our Stars or the depth of Harry Potter or…ok you get it. The point is, they’re still books.

Additionally, websites such as classify the trilogy under, “Erotica Book Lists.” So, to everyone who is offended by these books, well, if you read them, didn’t you know what you were getting yourself into? Why read them in the first place? Why feel the need to shame everyone else who also chose to read them?

That’s the part that irks me so much. The shaming; the condemning. Just because you don’t agree with something that somebody else is doing doesn’t mean you have to make him or her feel bad for enjoying such things. How does it affect you personally that someone – who is not you – is choosing to read and enjoy an erotica book? If you didn’t like reading it, then don’t see the movie. Nobody is going to force you to watch it. (And if they do, I’m truly sorry and I will personally console you.)

You know, I think it’s an interesting choice when people choose to put ketchup on their macaroni and cheese*, but I’m not going to sit there and tell them how weird it is and what a terrible injustice they’re doing to their taste buds until they feel guilty about doing it. Because you know what? Whatever floats your boat, man. I’m not going to yuck someone else’s yum** because it’s not what I’m into.

Furthermore, I’m not saying people are not entitled to their own opinions. Everybody totally is and I’m all for it. That’s what is so great about the freedom of speech and getting to speak your peace. But there is a fine line between stating your opinion and making people feel ashamed about reading/enjoying a freaking book.

I read these books for the same reason I picked up the Twilight series: I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. (Although Twilight disappointed significantly more…sorry Twilight fans.) I read them and I enjoyed them. Now, I would be lying if I didn’t tell you there were parts that made me extremely uncomfortable. Like, extremely uncomfortable. But despite the uneasy parts, they are exciting reads. They’re different from what I would usually choose but there is a story of romance within this trilogy.

To conclude my little rant, I will end it with this: I can see why these books might make someone feel uncomfortable. However, that doesn’t mean those who are fond of the books are bad people for enjoying a raunchy book and wanting to see the movie.   *I’m sure I totally did this when I was little and I think it’s weird I did. Thank goodness tastebuds change. **A shout out to one of my professors, Danny Shipka, for introducing me to this wonderful phrase. 


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